Fresh Air Farms - The Future of Food

Fresh Air Farms is the answer to the rising demand for a healthy and local supply of produce. The company will employ the latest high-technology methods to grow fresh, chemical free, disease free, nutritious, and great tasting fruits, and vegetables. Fresh picked produce will be shipped daily to local groceries with the goal of providing affordable, healthy food for all.

Produce will be grown hydroponically (without soil) in bright, clean, environmentally controlled, sustainable, local greenhouses. Fresh Air Farms is a multi-site commercial scale endeavor. Each single farm site will grow and ship 40,000 pounds of produce daily  generating yearly sales of $40 million per year and employing 275 full time employees. The first farm will be in the Portland, Oregon area with additional farms planned near cities across the country.       

Positive impacts created by Fresh Air Farms include: year-round family wage jobs, local food security, a favorable balance of trade, and a boost to the local economies. A significant environmental impact reduction over traditional open field farming is an added benefit. Each site will recycle water and create their own energy from bio-fuel, solar and geothermal methods. Locally grown supply reduces fuel consumption and decreases the impact of disruptions to the food supply from natural disasters such as earthquakes and international politics including tariffs and border closings.

Enclosed local greenhouses are immune to the looming problems of our existing food supply including: drought, climate change, honey bee die-off, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, depleted farmland, food waste from long supply chains, and increasing transportation costs.